Thursday, January 29, 2004

Carri Yackuboskey

Mark Twain's Reading the River was one of the most confusing things i have ever read. I didn't understand what was bubbling in the river. At first i thought maybe it was some kind of gas under the ground, but i wasn't sure so i kept on reading. Then i realized it seemed that he marveled in the beauty of the river. Then he states that it seems odd that something so beautiful could destroy some of the greatest vessels by a little rock or a branch. Then he begins to know the river as he knew the alphabet. Something you know really well, if you are smart. I think i just got it... the sunset. " A slanting mark was broken. river turned to blood" stating that the sunset reflected made a bloody look on the river.

This all came so normal to him that he seemed to not enjoy it after awhile. Most of his life was on the river. Twain uses a lot of comparing and contrasting with how he describes the river. Like the blood in the water is the sunset reflecting. The wind can make ripples in the water that look like rings. I understand this as a pretty good story of a man and his love for nature.

carri Yackuboskey

In Joan Didion's Marrying Absurd, I got many different ideas from it. One that she thinks it is insane to marry at Las Vegas, Two, that is just isn't thetradition.
She also makes a mochery of how the underaged pregnant girl cried saying "this wedding was almost as nice as i thought it should be" or something to that effect. I can agree with her that it takes the "meaning" of marriage right away when you rush it like that. Although some couples take it seriously, and that is what they want to do. She seems to be saying also that the church and priests are just out to get money that they could make something so sacred such a joke.
Her form wasn't exactly eye catching. What i mean was it wasn't entertaining or funny like some of the others. It had a good point. I am assuming the audience was more for adult couples that would be interested in marriage. The understanding I got i am sure that it is different than everyone else's, but i feel this piece of writing is one of take it the way you want to.

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